Tuesday, August 31, 2010

With or Without You

One thing everyone asks me is "Well, can you live without him?" And my answer is, "Yes."
I mean, is that the wrong answer?

Maybe I'm just jaded or a cynic, but I've known enough loved ones who have passed, have had enough broken hearts from boys I thought I loved, that I know very well that the heart heals, and you can move on from any disaster. Would I be ok if he died? Yes, of course. Do I want him to die? No, of course not. But are those the facts--yes, they are the facts.
Does this make me a bad bride?
Very possibly.

Because everyone looks at me like I'm nuts. But I think this is very realistic. I think this is truly honest. Show me anyone who may die and ask if I'll survive; I will. Will I be broken? Maybe, for a time. But death, and parting, are part of life. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.
This is not Romeo & Juliet, people. Lookit where it got them.

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