Friday, August 27, 2010

Wedding Redeux

I wish I could have a wedding re-do. Do any other prospective brides feel this way? Here I am, two-ish months out, and guess what? I've decided I hate it all.

A million beautiful gowns keep popping up. And I realized I want a diff color combination. And flowers. Hell, a whole different time of year. I love the fall, always wanted fall, but F* the fall, I want spring. I want big fluffly peonies and ruffly ranunculus and black centered white anemones. I want spring green bridesmaid dresses, and a wedding gown/party dress of frothy tulle, dammit, because tulle is the bridal fabric. I want a delicate black ribbon around my neck dripping with an heirloom or a black flower in my hair, and green satin shoes.

I want, like I originally wanted, to screen print my invites. If I could've only gotten it together. Little poster art.


It's too late to take it all back!

It's such crap that the only way to figure out what you want is to plan something and realize it's not what you want.

It's my one wedding, my only wedding, how can I be trusted to plan it correctly the first time?

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