Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book Ends

"Miss" and "Want" are two deviants I want to punch in the f-ing face. I miss my old life, my brother, my hometown, my grandmother who's been dead for twenty-five years. I mean, WTF peeps? With the nostalgia already? I want what I can't have (typical American), what I don't need, what I everyone else wants (which makes me want it a little bit less, actually, on principal).

I stole this from Snippet & Ink, because it's gorgeous. And whenever I want anything, or take any damn thing for granted, I should look at this bench and its polished little plaques and I should think about whatever story is encompassed in those two little pieces of brass, and I should shut my mouth and be grateful. 

Dream a little

I dreamt that I kissed my co-worker.
Or he kissed me.
It's not clear.
But I could feel it. I still feel it.
It was lovely.
It felt solid. His lips were firm, and warm, and interested.

I wish he'd kiss me again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

They added a new door

And now for another episode of "My In-Laws are Totally Broke Until it Comes to Something They Want, it Must Be Magic!"

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm such a bad bride because...

I called my family in the middle of the night to call off the wedding. I told him the things I promised I'd never tell him, about how I only said "yes" because there was a restaurant of people watching us; I got drunk and spilled wine on my closet floor; and when everyone tried to talk me out of it, I just failed to understand why they couldn't believe that maybe I don't love him.

I am Bride FAIL.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

love like that

Maybe if I were marrying the man of my dreams, I'd spend a couple hundred bucks on a big fuck-off flower for my hair.

Or  maybe I wouldn't care if I were wearing a flower or a scrunchie, because maybe, when you love someone that much, none of the rest of it matters at all.

img: snippet&ink

Monday, September 6, 2010

my nearly-mother-in-law

You have to find something to love about her, my mother said. Even if it's the way she does her hair. Even if it's her perfume.

Because she's his family, and he loves her.

My friend David, whom I don't even know anymore, once told me that he knew how much people cared about him by the way they treated his cat. Because his cat, it was commonly known, was his most loved thing in the world.

img: ffffound

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Illegitimate daughters

What do you do about them? Pawn them off as cousins? As friends of the family? I mean, when one's family doesn't know that one's fiance has an illegitimate daughter from a teenage romance--a secret that hasn't been appropriate to share--what does one do when the fiance wants the daughter, now a teenager herself, invited to the wedding? How does she tell her parents without them feeling painfully betrayed? And what about the opinions they'll then have?

And what about the fiance's friends, most of whom don't know about her existence either? Does the happy couple suddenly tell these friends, out of the blue? Or try to bribe the love child and her foster family into acting like distant relatives? Distant relatives who happen to look very related. 

Very tricky