Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book Ends

"Miss" and "Want" are two deviants I want to punch in the f-ing face. I miss my old life, my brother, my hometown, my grandmother who's been dead for twenty-five years. I mean, WTF peeps? With the nostalgia already? I want what I can't have (typical American), what I don't need, what I everyone else wants (which makes me want it a little bit less, actually, on principal).

I stole this from Snippet & Ink, because it's gorgeous. And whenever I want anything, or take any damn thing for granted, I should look at this bench and its polished little plaques and I should think about whatever story is encompassed in those two little pieces of brass, and I should shut my mouth and be grateful. 

Dream a little

I dreamt that I kissed my co-worker.
Or he kissed me.
It's not clear.
But I could feel it. I still feel it.
It was lovely.
It felt solid. His lips were firm, and warm, and interested.

I wish he'd kiss me again.